a gift for you

A Gift for You

(Complimentary Coaching Consultation)

Green gift boxIf you’re like most people, you’ve heard of personal coaching but don’t really know what it is. Or at least you don’t know enough to understand how it could change your life.

As someone who knows firsthand about the benefits and results of working with a coach (which I first did back in 2002 and continue to do today), I would be honored to personally introduce you to coaching.

During our complimentary consultation, I will coach you on five topics:

  • What you really want in life
  • Why it’s important to you
  • Your key strengths
  • What’s getting in your way
  • At least one step you can take in the next week to start to bring your vision to life.

Through a consultation, I’ll give you a glimpse into what personal coaching is all about. You’ll also get to think about whether coaching is for you. But my top priority and bottom line is for you to walk away from our time together with something of real value. If that happens, mission accomplished.

Since the consultation will take place by phone or Skype (i.e., flexibility and no travel time), it will take only 45 minutes of your time. Drop me an email today at glendahaskell1@gmail.com so we can find a time that works well for you.

Will you continue to wait for a good time to take a look at your life and what’s truly important to you? Or will you empower yourself and do it now?

Warm wishes,