Individual Coaching

phone-or-skypeIndividual Coaching

I coach by telephone or by a voice-over IP service such as Skype. Because making changes in our lives takes time and in the best interests of my clients, new clients must make an initial investment of at least three months of coaching.

Features of my individual coaching package

  • One-to-one coaching, which includes three 50-minute sessions per month tailored to your individual coaching needs (an initial investment of three months of coaching is recommended but not required)
  • A bonus coaching session, available anytime after you’ve paid for your third month of coaching (which equates to a 10% discount overall)
  • Email contact between sessions
  • The creation of a powerful life vision that motivates and inspires you
  • An accountability structure that moves you into action from the very first session
  • The chance to get to know and quiet your inner critic and embolden your inner champion
  • The development of a personalized toolkit of strategies to empower you and help you take value-based action on an ongoing basis
  • A complimentary coaching journal/composition book for you to keep track of your insights and action steps
  • Pre-session reminders and call focus form to help you make the most of our time together

This package is right for you if:

  • You’re ready and motivated to make some positive, empowering changes in your life.
  • You’re willing and ready to assess how you spend your time and energy to make sure your commitments align with what’s truly important to you.
  • You welcome being held accountable to yourself.
  • You’re able and ready to make this investment in yourself and your life.


Group Programs

Community wordsGroup Programs

As a well-trained, experienced group facilitator and as a graduate of two programs in the art of group coaching, I plan to expand my business into group coaching opportunities. Groups offer a richness of perspectives that just isn’t possible in one-to-one coaching partnerships—and at a lower cost per session. More to come…





Class and teacher gatherd around laptopIs your organization looking for a workshop instructor? Below is a list of workshops I have created and taught since I created my coaching business in 2011. If your organization is looking for a knowledgeable, effective instructor on one of these topics or a topic not on the list (I love creating new programs), give me a call!

Recent workshop/class topics:

  • Mastering the Foundations of Happiness and Wellbeing
  • Positive Leadership: It’s Not About Being Nice–It’s About Being Smart and
  • Working With Others to Achieve Extraordinary Results
  • Success Through Effective Goal Setting
  • The Art of Successfully Navigating a Career Transition
  • The Power of Networking

Other workshops taught over the course of my career:

  • Embrace Your Leadership
  • Leadership Values: Your Personal Goldmine
  • A Sunday Night Look At Leadership
  • The Secret Revisited
  • Peer Coaching for Doctoral Students (You Can Do This!)
  • SuPEERior Coaching For Leadership: How to Help Each Other Become More Effective Leaders
  • Securing Your Future: Going to Graduate or Professional School
  • Why Going to Graduate School is Like an Old Hair Dye Slogan: Only You Can Know For Sure
  • Introduction to Focus Groups
  • Negotiating to Get What You Want (co-presenter)
  • A Blueprint for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence (co-presenter)
  • Applying Quality Principles in the Workplace (co-presenter)


Public Speaking

Public Speaking

microphone-with-audienceI welcome the opportunity to give complimentary 15-20 minutes talks to groups and organizations. A small sampling of the kinds of talks I have given or would enjoy giving is provided below.

  • Going for the Bold: Making Vision an Everyday Thing
  • Making It (Finally) About You!
  • Why You Don’t Need a Life Coach
  • Putting a Growth Mindset to Work for You and Your Business
  • An Easy But Powerful Way to Step Into 100% Commitment
  • AMP–The Three Things That Really Drive Us and Our Employees
  • Ferrari or Volvo? Putting Promotion and Prevention Goals to Work for You
  • Write It Down, Make It Happen: On the Power of Tracking
  • Why Your Brain Hates It When You’re Vague and What To Do About It
  • A Question That Could Change Your Life