A year and a half ago from faraway Ann Arbor, Coach Glenda took me by surprise. “What do you really want?” I was going to say I don’t know, but I heard myself saying I really want to go back to (name of state). And here I am, my first day in my new home here, with my own pool and an orange tree. The birds are singing, and I am over the moon happy. Thank you, Coach Glenda!


This experience has been so valuable to me. The benefits I’ve received from working with you include reframing things in a positive direction, seeing my strengths, and moving beyond a stigma I’ve had due to a lack of credentials, which is huge for me. Learning to validate myself changed my whole attitude about what I can do.

Although I’m a storyteller and have a strong personality, you kept things moving along, which I respect and appreciate because I wanted to make good use of our time. You also helped me reframe my thoughts into a more positive direction and were very supportive. I sensed right away that you were an advocate, and that you were looking for a way to make this a successful experience.

Another thing that has been big for me is taking a step forward even when I don’t feel like it. When I look back on the time we worked together, although at first I felt defeated I’m amazed at how much I accomplished. I did a lot. Even now when I’m quite exhausted and run down, I do something for 20 minutes. It’s the process that’s important–just keep taking those forward steps, moving towards the goal.

I think in a kind of scattered fashion. I am a big idea person and a dreamer. Through the vision that you encouraged me to develop, you helped me to focus and be action oriented, which is a critical piece of turning my dreams into a reality.

Anyone who works with you and is willing to follow your lead and encouragement is going to find that it makes a difference. All of us have life circumstances where we change our view of ourselves over time and different roles take over. That was another benefit–I was able to see my role in a different way.

You are very encouraging, affirming, and directive. You created such a positive environment and made me feel very capable, able, and motivated. You helped me to see myself as a valuable person with a lot to offer. If I could say one thing to someone who’s thinking of working with you, it would be this: You will see results and you will benefit greatly from [being coached by Glenda].


When we started working together I wasn’t very familiar with the whole concept of a life coach but it was very intriguing. I was unsure, though, what I wanted to work on with a coach and whether I was a good [candidate] for coaching. What was really cool is that you helped me to discover there are plenty of things I had to work on. You pulled that out with ease, which really made the difference. Also, knowing you and that you’re personally invested in my success and want to help was what opened the door. It’s okay to go into coaching without knowing what your life plan is.

My first goals were quite small, and in a way that was necessary. The biggest thing I had to worry about was cleaning out my closet, and you helped me to discover the next chapter in my life and then help me get it started. You’ve played a huge part in helping me set up my life plan—who I am and what I want–and [with putting it down] on paper. My smaller goals led to big juicy goals.

I knew I wanted to create something that I could make a living from and that’s well integrated into my life. My decision to start a business came out of left field, and you were there to walk me through it, as I decided what I wanted to accomplish and then did it. I also have confidence and know that I’m doing the right thing. It’s a cool story. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am or to the extent of it without your help and without you standing by my side–and I mean that.

As my coach, you motivate me and help to be sure of myself in a very present way. You’re a third party who is there to help walk me through it–but not to do it for me or critique me. I love the consistency—you’re very dependable. You also cheer me along, check up on me, and help me to reflect. Plus, you serve as my “mirror” by taking what I say and helping me make sense of it. Talking with you is very safe and you always question the right things. Even though coaching feels like a friendship in some ways, it’s good that it’s professional and a service that I pay for. This makes it about me. The attention you’ve given me is very empowering and has helped me to do all that I’ve gotten done. It has meant a lot to me. Having a coach is like a secret weapon that I have in my pocket.


Before working with Glenda, I was doubtful about “life coaching.” It sounded to me like a feel-good, nebulous sort of thing that doesn’t take you anyplace in particular. I just wasn’t sure about it, but I also had a lot of trust in Glenda. It was helpful when she explained what life coaching is–and what it isn’t (therapy, for example). It also helped to understand the range of issues Glenda has worked with people on—basically on any aspect of life.

Glenda continually pushed me to explain why I think what I think, challenged me to come up with new and different solutions, and showed me the way to move from thinking about changes to making them. That’s hard — maybe impossible — to do by yourself.

There were three main benefits I received from working with Glenda.
First on the list is motivation, the push to action. It’s easy to replay your internal loop and get stuck there. Together we identified concrete steps that I could take to address the issues that were on my mind. We ended up going in directions I didn’t expect, which meant that I re-defined my issues and took steps I didn’t expect. Our work together caused me to reconsider the questions I thought I needed to address. Ultimately, working with Glenda helped me to make some important decisions that have set my future course.

As a coach Glenda is consistently positive and upbeat, someone who believes in your ability to accomplish new things. I really had a sense that she cares about me as an individual.


In a few very effective and efficient coaching sessions with Glenda, my present life goals were clearly identified. Perhaps even more importantly, I came to understand the very personal process for reaching these goals that works best for me. With Glenda’s proficient guidance, I now feel well positioned to move forward into the next phase of my life. In fact, I am sure the “tools” I have gained from these coaching sessions will continue to ably support me through the rest of my life. Many thanks, Glenda!

-A Client

Recently, I was challenged with a substantial project that had to be completed within a 3-month period. While dealing with an already hectic schedule, I struggled with pre-existing high priority deadlines and inefficiencies within my work environment. In approaching what seemed like a daunting task, I retained Glenda Haskell as a life coach in an effort to identify strategies to maximize my work output without completely neglecting ongoing personal and professional obligations. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how a coach could help, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Glenda was an excellent coach on a number of levels. She was adept at helping me to identify work solutions using existing and unrecognized resources, tools, and tactics. She was never judgmental and was respectful of my privacy. She was flexible during our discussions, giving me the opportunity to reshape the meeting content based on my immediate needs. Ultimately, I was successful in completing my project and learned a great deal about my own work habits. Glenda’s “probing” style of coaching permitted self-realizations about barriers to efficiency and factors that impaired my time management. Glenda’s assistance as a life coach, helped to enhance my overall productivity and expand my capacity. The entire experience was quite rewarding.

-A Satisfied Client

I worked with Glenda as a life coach for three months, and found it to be tremendously useful. This experience helped me to focus what time I had on the things that truly excited me the most, to think for myself and not rely on others to make decisions for me, and to talk out my strategies and accept those that made sense for me. Also, during this time I felt not only accountable to myself, but to my coach. I looked forward to letting her know what I had accomplished during the week. With each coaching session I felt better about myself and what I could do with my ideas. Being able to verbalize my fears and discuss ‘worst thing that could happen’ scenarios put everything into perspective for me, and further reinforced my sense of my ability to succeed in my plans. The process made me appreciate the journey of getting closer to my goals. Working with Glenda was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

-Jan B.

When I turned 60, I decided that it was time to start exercising on a regular basis. This was significant because though I had tried at various times throughout my life, I had never been able to get into the exercise habit. I had the feeling that it was now or never. When I heard about Glenda I decided to give her a try in my “now or never” state of mind. Glenda helped me to recognize my mental hurdles and overcome them. Working with her was actually fun, and I looked forward to our sessions. I’m happy to say that I succeeded in my goal. For the first time in my life I am exercising and enjoying it (most of the time!). Without Glenda’s help, I know I would not have the “mental” tools I need to keep going when obstacles get in the way. The money I spent was worth every penny! Glenda is quite simply terrific.

-Karen G.

As a fellow life coach who has worked with Glenda on numerous occasions during a coach training program, I can attest to her utmost warmth and professionalism. Glenda coaches with an authenticity and energy that is absolutely engaging. What an asset to the profession!

-Brad Waters , Design Your Path Coaching

Thanks so much for working with me today. It was very helpful in many respects, not the least of which is the need for me to get out of this job and not feel badly about wanting to do so, and also for the realization that there is nothing that I can do to completely transform my current job into the career I really want to have.

-Anonymous (received after a sample coaching session)

Thank you so much for introducing me to coaching–you’re wonderful at it. Your skills at listening, synthesizing, shifting the lens, and motivating have long been in evidence. They’re put to perfect use in this context.

-Anonymous from Chicago (received after a sample coaching session)