Meet Glenda

Glenda turns the tables on herself and answers some of the questions she often asks her clients.

What five things do you love most about yourself?

  • I’m authentic. What you see is what you get. The Tallulah Bankhead quote next to my yearbook photo when I graduated from high school still applies, “Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it."
  • My good sense of humor and a hearty, let-loose laugh. Scolding my brother and me, our father would say, “Stop all that guffawing!” His words only made us laugh all the harder.
  • I’m a life-long learner. How many books do I own? You don’t want to know. My husband doesn’t want to know, either.
  • I love people. When I was a kid, I asked my Dad why everyone liked him. He thought about it and said, “Probably because I like them.”
  • I love life. For decades our voicemail message has ended with “Isn’t life grand?!”

Briefly describe a time or situation when you were at your best and why.

After four and a half years, a box of my first full-length book, From Lemons to Lemonade: 47 Sweet Lessons from Life, has arrived on the doorstep! What a journey! Along the way, I have seen the very best of myself, which includes the discipline of working for countless scheduled hours at coffee shops, libraries, and anyplace else where I could focus. Slowly, methodically, I drafted and edited chapter after chapter, not quite sure where it was all leading. At times, I was determined and persistent, at other times flexible and yielding. On days when I didn’t "feel like" writing, I did it anyway. Without a doubt, this accomplishment sets the new standard of me at my best.

What’s the short version of your life story?

I’m proud to call myself a native Vermonter, so when we moved into family student housing at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in the summer of 1985 for my husband to begin his Master’s degree in architecture, we saw it as a two-year rest stop between three years in Iowa and moving back to Vermont. But with good jobs, kids thriving, and a fine life in one of the country’s premier university towns, it made sense to stay put. Fast forward more than thirty years. Although we planned to move back to Vermont after retiring, which we did in 2011 and 2015, since then both of our daughters have decided to come home to Ann Arbor and settle here, one of them with her husband and our much-loved grandchild. So, it turns out, our time in Michigan wasn’t a long rest stop after all. We're here to stay.


What compliments from other people have made your heart sing?

“You make work fun.”
“I love your energy.”
“When you laugh, it makes me laugh.”

What do you value most in life?

Family, good friends, good health (lots of exercise and eating well), being outdoors (we hike, bike, cross country ski, snow shoe, kayak, and camp), and wilderness vacations. We’ve taken guided kayaking trips departing from Vancouver Island, and Seward, Alaska. In 2009, we took the trip of a lifetime--a 15-day white water rafting trip through Grand Canyon. I’m a flower and vegetable gardener, a writer, a quilter, and a knitter. I also love to sing, having joined a women’s barbershop chorus in 2010, thereby adding almost forty “singing sisters” to my extended family.