Coaching Services

Let me be your guide and partner for bringing your important goals to life.

Do you have career goals that you’re ready to step up to?

Do you know what you need to do … but something’s holding you back?

Are you worried about giving up on goals that are deeply important to you?

Do you have career or life goals that are approaching the point of now or never?

Are you ready to make a powerful investment in yourself and your life?

I serve professional women (and men) who are ready and motivated to expand their work and personal horizons.

Coaching Demystified

Step 1. Try on coaching for size.

Receive a taste of what coaching is like through a complimentary consultation. Decide whether coaching is right for you at this time.

Step 2. Co-create a solid foundation for success.

Review information about the nature of coaching and what to expect. Answer several powerful questions about you and your goals. Help finalize a coaching “roadmap” crafted just for you.

Step 3. Gain valuable insights and plan concrete actions towards your goals.

During 50-minute coaching sessions (typically two to three per month) Uncover hidden assumptions and habits of mind that are getting in your way. Learn tools to help you revamp your habits. Develop clear action plans (inner and outer). Be held accountable to your best self.

Step 4. Power up positive changes in your life.

Between sessions, move action by action closer to your goals. With your coach, regularly revisit and strengthen the coach-client partnership.

Step 5. Reap long-term rewards.

Make regular progress toward your goals--small and large. Settle gradually into powerful new perceptions and habits. Become second nature at using proven tools to continuously move, step by step, toward your most important goals. Become more adept, over time, at talking to yourself like a coach.

Coaching Packages

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"Glenda coaches with an authenticity and energy that is absolutely engaging."

"Glenda coaches with an authenticity and energy that is absolutely engaging."